I discovered Pina’s lip balm by coincidence – and boy what a happy coincidence! After the first time using itI knew I was hooked! Smooth and buttery, non sticky, glossy but not over the top. LOVE IT! Most important, it doesn’t sit on your lips but actually moisturizes and saves my lippies from the dreaded cold! Customer for life!” Irini C., Toronto

“Thank you so much for what you have done for my mother’s lips! Because of the medication she has been taking for years, it causes her to have very dry and cracked, chapped lips. For the first time in years, after using your lip balm, she has beautiful smooth lips. Thank you for what you have done for my mom. I am seeing her feel beautiful after so many years.” Cristina M., Toronto

” I received my lip balm and OMG! Everything from the envelope, the welcome card and the sticker and packaging is awesome! I tried the balm for the first time this morning and let me tell you that my lips were a disaster before I put on your balm….dry, cracked and parched….from the very first application, I saw an immediate transformation. I have never used so luxurious on my lips before and the smell is to die for! So impressed with just one application….can’t wait to see the results over time!

My lips feel quenched for the first time ever and it feels so good knowing that it’s organic. Looking forward to experimenting with the balm ad different colours and textures of lipsticks! Truly a game changer! Telling anyone and everyone I know about this! Thank you so much again. “ Anna S., Montreal

” I love your lip balm. I took it with me to the beach every day, on my vacation and it kept my lips so smooth. I didn’t go one minute without it. I can’t live without it. I am addicted and a customer for life!” Celina S., Toronto

” Best lip balm in the world. It’s the first thing I put on before I go to bed and the first thing I put on in the morning.” Bonnie H., Toronto

” This is truly an incredible product. I use it on my patients after lip injections (because injections dry out patient’s lips) and after discovering this lip balm, I will never use anything else. My patients are now discovering it and they are addicted to it as well. Thank you Pina, for creating the best lip balm product!” Alla R., Vaughn

” I’m obsessed with your lip balm. Actually my favourite!” Stacey S., Montreal


” Used the lip balm on my arms that looked like chicken skin….and they were itchy…WOW! Pina, please make big jars glam body butter! ” Mary R., Montreal

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