Hi. I’m Pina and welcome to my GLAM WORLD!  I am a lawyer by day and a blogger by night, living in Toronto.  My passion has always been to inspire others to be their best selves every single day. I believe that we should use fashion and beauty as tools to empower us to feel our best. 

I have been blogging on fashion and beauty since 2013 and I started my YouTube Channel in 2017 (FashionJustice TV).  Living in Canada, the minute the weather gets colder and the indoor heating starts up, I always struggled with finding a lip balm that actually worked.  I used to work in an office building that was very dry and I got tired of coming home every day, having the moisture sucked out of my lips. Every lip balm I tried ended up in the trash because it never worked.

When you can’t find what you need, you create it yourself.  Two years later, having applied my lawyer researching skills to my beauty product, my amazing lip balm was created. 

Stay Fab, Love, Pina xo

Naturally Fabulous Champagne Lips

Experience the Luxury your Lips Deserve
It’s time to think differently about natural products. They don’t need to look clinical and drab.  Simple yet powerful ingredients deserve to be wrapped up in a luxurious package. 


Natural and Organic ingredients

Champagne Flavoured. Yummy, champagne aroma, decadent scent and such a delicious flavour, you will be addicted to it for all the right reasons.

Luxurious and Long Lasting. Yes, you can eat, drink and kiss, and it will still keep the moisture locked in because it’s water repellant. 

Enhanced Organic Collagen. A little pout looks great on everyone

Each box contains three 5 gram jars. Never lose a lip balm again. Keep one for every bag and room or share with friends and family (but you will want to keep them all for yourself).

Ingredients: natural pharma grade lanolin, organic enhanced collagen, organic aroma (flavour)

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Uses: use on naked lips, over or under lipstick, as a lip treatment, on dry skin, cuticles and fly away hair